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The Nitro Range





XBCHDA28V12ALR-1080 XLCHDA6V22A-1080
XEDHDA36AW-1M3 XDCHDA28V12A-1080 XVDHDA28V12A-1080

Why Xeno Nitro?

Xeno Nitro uses the open AHD platform. There are multiple HD over coax technologies available on the market. The below comparison chart helps you to see how each solution compares.

Nitro table

Advantages of AHD

It provides a simple upgrade path

Nitro allows you to use existing RG59 75ohm coaxial cable, meaning that you don’t have to spend time re-wiring the whole cabling infrastructure with Cat 5e / Cat 6 to enjoy HD quality images.


High Definition images

Nitro provides excellent images that are approximately 3 ½ times better than you can achieve with 700 TVL / 960H analogue cameras.


Multi Format Technology

Nitro DVRs support 960H technology as well as the newer AHD technology. This gives a great deal of flexibility when updating the End Users system. For example, using existing 960H cameras and upgrading to a Nitro recorder. Once the Nitro multi-format recorder is installed, you can gradually update the rest of the 960H cameras when time and budget allows.


Standardise Your Product Offering

Some other HD over coax solutions on the market only offer a single format. This means you have to stock or manage multiple products. Nitro, however, can help you standardise what you offer to your End Users. Nitro can be used to migrate older 960H systems or just as easily be installed in new systems giving the benefit of HD images all from one product range.


Simple Installation & Setup

Because Nitro is able to utilise the current coax infrastructure, it reduces the need for complex training, making upgrading to 1080p images a simple process.


No Impact to the IT Network

As Nitro runs over its own coaxial cabling infrastructure, there are no costly or time consuming interruptions or bandwidth issues to End Users’ IT networks, as can sometimes be the case with IP solutions.


Near Zero Latency, Reliable Video Signals

The video signal from Nitro is not being compressed, so you experience less video loss, particularly when using a good quality RG59 cable, ensuring high quality HD images at all times.


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